Information for Authors and Presenters

Updated 28 November 2023

Preparation of Abstracts

The abstract submission platform is now closed.

Where abstract submissions have been accepted, video and poster submission fees for the presenting authors are:

ISMS member: EUR25; Non-member: EUR50. 

Pay for author submission fees here

An official receipt will be emailed after payment is completed. 

(Note, this submission fee is in addition to the registration fee to attend the NAMC/ISMS Congress - register for this at Presenting authors need to organise and pay for their own Congress registration, transport and accommodation. Authors are responsible for obtaining the necessary documentation for entry to the United States to attend the Congress.  The laws of the United States of America apply for anyone wishing to attend the Congress. Some useful information can be found at: ).

NB ISMS membership is free. Visit the ISMS website membership page to become a member.

Successful submissions

 Authors whose abstracts are accepted for an oral presentation will need to prepare a PowerPoint file and video recording of their presentation. Poster presentations will be a single page in PDF format. The deadline for submission of presentations is 12 January 2024 - see below for further details.

Authors who have been invited to present their work will need to register and pay to attend the 20th Congress by 15 December 2023 otherwise their abstract will not be included in the book of abstracts.

Congress Book of Abstracts

A book of abstracts will be printed and provided to delegates attending the 20th Congress.

Congress Proceedings

All video and PowerPoint presentations and posters will form part of the proceedings of the 20th ISMS Congress that will be posted on the ISMS website after the Congress. Congress delegates and ISMS members will have access to the material.

Remaining Abstract Submission Timeline

  • 15 December - RSVP deadline for invited authors to notify ISMS if they will be presenting at the Live 20th ISMS Congress, payment of author submission fees and Congress registration
  • 12 January 2024 – Deadline for submission of video, PowerPoint and poster files
  • 26 February 2024 – 20th ISMS Congress commences


Overview of Presentation Submissions and Congress Format for Poster Presenters

Authors of poster presentations will need to submit their poster PowerPoint files (to the platform where their abstracts were submitted ) by 12 January 2024 (the earlier, the better).

The poster and abstract will be uploaded by ISMS staff to the website in the members area post-event to form part of the 20th Congress proceedings.

Authors will need to take a printed copy of the poster to the Congress in Las Vegas. Posters will be pinned in a designated poster area with authors required to stand at their poster during dedicated poster sessions during both days of the Congress.

All abstracts (already submitted) will be included in a ‘Book of Abstracts’ to be given to delegates at the Congress.

Poster Details

Authors who have been selected to submit posters will be required to print a copy of their poster in a 90 cm width x 120 cm length (36 inch width x 48 inch length) format to bring to Las Vegas. Authors will be responsible for pinning the poster (with push pins) onto the dedicated poster space that will be communicated at the time of registration at the Congress in Las Vegas. Authors will need to remove any packaging from the poster room after pinning. Posters can be collected between 3.45pm to 6.00pm on Tuesday 27 February. Any posters that have not been collected by 6:00pm will be disposed of by the event organizers. Mailing of the posters back to authors by organizers will not be possible.

Guidelines for Posters and Presentations:

Digital poster submissions consist of:

a) a PDF containing words, tables, figures, and images to communicate your research. Font size should be no less than 10 for text and 8 for tables, figures and image captions.

b) the original abstract submitted; and

c) a bio for the presenter including full contact details.

Note - b & c were submitted as part of the Abstract submission process.

It is recommended to make your poster in PowerPoint (Landscape or Portrait) and then save it as a PDF.

  • Posters must be in English language.
  • A separate hard copy must be prepared in the following size for pinning in the Poster room at the 20thISMS Congress in Las Vegas: (90 cm width x 120 cm length (36 inch width x 48 inch length).
  • Poster pin-up times:
    Sunday 25 February, 4.00pm to 7.00pm
    Monday 26 February, 7.00am to 9.00am
  • Poster session times: during the Congress you will be required to stand beside your poster during the dedicated poster sessions to answer any questions from delegates. Draft poster session times (to be confirmed) are:
    Monday 26 February, 12.45pm – 13.40pm
    Tuesday 27 February, 12.45pm – 13.25pm
    Additional sessions may be added when the program is finalized



Overview of Presentation Submissions and Congress Format for Oral Presenters

Authors of oral presentations will need to submit their recorded oral presentations and accompanying PowerPoint files (to the platform where their abstracts were submitted ) by 12 January 2024 (the earlier, the better).

The video, ppt, and abstract will be uploaded by ISMS staff to the website in the members area post-event to form part of the 20th Congress proceedings.

The PowerPoint will be also be forwarded to the Congress AV managers in Las Vegas to be pre-loaded into their systems for authors to use during their presentations.

The abstracts (already submitted) will also be included in a book of abstracts to be given to delegates at the Congress.

Oral presentations

At the 20th Congress in Las Vegas you will present live to your PowerPoint for a maximum of 12 minutes. You will have an additional 3 minutes on-stage to answer any audience questions.

It is assumed that authors will use the PowerPoint that was uploaded into the Abstract System during the live event. This is the file that the ISMS Secretariat will provide to the audio visual staff to run during your presentation and also upload onto the ISMS website post-event.

If you make any changes to the PowerPoint presentation or recorded video after the submission deadline of the 10th of December, you will need to email the files directly to [email protected] or bring along a flash drive containing the Powerpoint and video files to the Congress and provide to the ISMS Secretariat at the time of registration.

Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Oral presentations consist of a) a recorded 12-minute video of the author presenting the research reported in their abstract, and b) the PowerPoint presentation supporting the video.

Accepted video formats are: mov, avi, mp4, wmv, flv, webm and mkv.

The video should show the PowerPoint presentation with audio recorded. It should not be a video of the author talking. This can be achieved using PowerPoint. The preferred format is a PowerPoint slideshow with audio only and no visible image of the author.

All oral and written communication must be in English language.


How to submit your files

Upon your YES RSVP acceptance and payment of your Author submission fee, you will need to submit your files.

Click here for instructions on submitting presentations.