This following is the official notice received by the Mushroom Days Foundation from ISMS regarding the cancellation of the 2022 Mushroom Days.

It has been since autumn 2020, now more than 1 years ago, that the first thoughts were formed for the next edition of the Mushroom Days. Carefully and step by step, everyone involved became convinced that it would be possible to meet again during this trade fair. In July 2021, the preparations were such that the event was scheduled for March 30-31 and April 1, 2022 and interested participants could register. Commitment was also requested from the participants involved, including a go/no-go moment per 01-11-2021. Enthusiasm grew and registrations quickly came in at the organization.

In October 2021, it was decided in consultation to move the event to July 6, 7 and 8, 2022. Vaccination campaigns against Covid-19 got underway and several months of additional time was expected to lift the final travel restrictions. Registrations kept coming in and the floor plan of the exhibition floor was taking shape.

Preparations were in full swing and various additional activities were prepared by the participants.

At the end of March, the organization received a request from a number of exhibitors to postpone this year's fair for various reasons, including the war in Ukraine. At the same time, the organization received signals from other exhibitors that the fair had to go ahead. This put the organization in a difficult position. 

At the beginning of April of this year, the board of the Mushroom Days Foundation, in consultation with the Mushroom Days Committee, weighed up the matter, taking into account the interests of all those involved. The board of the Mushroom Days Foundation then decided to continue the preparations for the edition on 6, 7 and 8 July 2022. Due to the drama unfolding in Ukraine, it might be less exuberant than usual, but a further postponement of the Mushroom Days would not do justice to all the positive developments in the global mushroom industry, the wish of many (other) exhibitors and visitors to follow each other. years at the Mushroom Days, the need for renewed knowledge exchange and the investments that have already been made. This was also communicated to the submitters of the request to postpone the Mushroom Days 2022. It was also indicated that we would continue to monitor developments and, if these developments gave cause to reconsider the position, we would come back to this.

Various cancellations have taken place, which has caused a domino effect. Still one cancellation after another is coming in. The number of cancellations by the Dutch exhibitors in particular has become so great that, after a weighing of interests, according to (the board of) the Champignondagen Foundation, the success of the Mushroom Days 2022 is jeopardized. Without participants, the Mushroom Days cannot serve as a platform for meetings and knowledge exchange and the benefits no longer outweigh the costs.

The board of the Mushroom Days Foundation therefore has no choice but to cancel the Mushroom Days 2022 for good.

We deeply regret this decision, but want to provide clarity in order to limit further costs for all involved as much as possible. In the near future we will consider the financial consequences of this decision for all concerned and hope to be able to inform you about this in the near future.

Each day will begin with a 30-minute plenary session presentation on a topic of significant scientific or industry interest. The day will continue with two to three 2-hour concurrent sessions depending on the number of abstracts to be presented in each topic area.

Sessions will be synchronised so that delegates can easily move between sessions to hear presentations and questions related to abstracts they are interested in.

The timing and format of the concurrent sessions have been designed to enable maximum live participation for presenters and delegates around the world.

For those registered to attend, but unable to make it to the live sessions, they will be recorded and made available for viewing online after the event. Registration will be required to access this service.